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Independent reviews strongly recommend Fridaysmove's conveyancing solicitors to home buyers and sellers in Birmingham and across the UK.

Your quote comes with a No Completion, No Fee guarantee, and we guarantee that your quote is fixed.

Get a quote to find out how affordable your conveyancing fees will be, or, if you wish, telephone one of our conveyancing advisors on 0330 660 0286 if you have any questions or would like to get things underway.

Cheap Birmingham home conveyancing

When looking for cheap conveyancing in Birmingham, you are advised to always get other solicitors quotes and make sure you go through the formal terms for any things to watch out .

We offer the best value CQS qualified property lawyers in Birmingham and the Black Country. In addition to these cheap rates, our service levels are both exceptional and recommended by clients and agents.

Do you know if your Birmingham new home purchase is designated an at risk conservation area?

Are you Intending to purchase a property in a Birmingham conservation area? These are designated by Local Councils to manage change in residential areas that people would like to protect from neglect. However, sadly many are falling into neglect e.g. bill boards and advertising hoardings.

The following conservation areas are reported as at risk:

  • Lozells and Soho Hill - very bad, high vulnerability and no significant change.
  • Sutton Coldfield High Street - poor, medium vulnerability and deteriorating.
  • Four Oaks - poor, medium vulnerability and deteriorating.
  • School Road - poor, low vulnerability and deteriorating.
  • Barnsley Road - very bad, medium vulnerability and deteriorating significantly.
  • Digbeth / Deritend - very bad, low vulnerability and improving.
  • Warwick Bar - poor, medium vulnerability and deteriorating.
  • Jewellery Quarter - very bad, low vulnerability and no significant change.
  • Steelhouse - very bad, medium vulnerability and unknown.
  • Ideal Village, Bordesley Green - very bad, medium vulnerability and deteriorating.

Contact Simon Delahunty-Forrest on 0121 464 8258 for more information.

You can also see here for the latest info.

Guidance for completing the legal work for your purchase or sale faster

Our conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham will drive your transaction forward by communicating with other parties, including agents, the other side's lawyer and the leaseholder. Choosing a quick solicitor is a step to increasing your chance of completing your home move sooner, however there is a range of steps you can follow to accelerate the conveyancing process:

  • If you are selling, respond to any queries promptly
  • Send specific enquiries to your solicitor as soon as you can
  • Ask your solicitor to order searches early

You can potentially shave a week or more off the conveyancing process with these suggestions.

No Completion, No Fee Conveyancing Solicitors in Birmingham

It is always alarming when your transaction falls through in the last minute. Numerous reasons might contribute to the conveyancing falling through for instance the buyer being gazumped or a buyer not getting a mortgage offer.

With the Fridaysmove no completion no fee guarantee, clients need not pay for any conveyancers fees if your home move fails to go ahead.

Your deposit will be transferred to another property sale or purchase and you will just need to cover any disbursements incurred, for instance drainage and water searches.

The impact of HS2 on Birmingham property

A high speed rail link between London and Scotland (HS2) is planned by the Government. Construction will be under way by 2017. HS2's affect on property values and the environment is of concern to many Birmingham inhabitants. Your conveyancing solicitor will conduct a local authority search which will show if the Birmingham property is or will be within 200 metres of the proposed railway route. The exact distance between a residence and the proposed route will be difficult to ascertain reliably, as will be the impact on nearby property.

The HS2 Search

Only residences within 200 metres of HS2 construction work and the route itself will be identified during a local authority search. Furthermore building works will last for at least 8 years, meaning massive disruption for nearby residents just from the construction phase. A more exacting search is available called a HIGHSPEED 2 search, which includes clear mapping to the nearest point of the proposed route (within a 1, 000 metre radius of your proposed purchase and answers a number of questions). HS2 issues the search addresses:

  • In which ways will HS2's proximity affect the home? (e. g value, noise)
  • Is the nearby line through a tunnel, in a cutting, at ground level or on a viaduct?
  • Does the home line near the first stage of the route? (London to Birmingham)

The HS2 search also includes £ 10 million indemnity. We advise that you speak to your solicitor if you have any further questions.

Should you be worried if your home within 200m of HS2?

Construction work, traffic, noise pollution and vibration are all factors which could affect homes further than two hundred metres from HS2, but a local authority will not reveal this. An HS2 search will assist buyers of property close to the route to ascertain whether a home will be affected. In cases such as those arising from HS2, seeking compensation for noise and other factors is currently a lengthy process. Fridaysmove do not intend to comment on he merits of the scheme of the adequacy of compensation procedures.

Online Birmingham Conveyancing Quotes

Buyers, sellers and property investors who have chosen high street conveyancing solicitors may believe that discount fees marketed on a property legal website are indicative of poor communication.

Although it is true that there is wide variety in the quality of conveyancing from firm to firm, service levels, speed or cost have nothing to do with whether or not a conveyancing solicitor markets their services on the Internet.

Although some home buyers like the option of being able to visit their conveyancing lawyer, you do not need to do so. A proactive conveyancing solicitor will help to speed up your move more than one you need to visit in person.

Conveyancing for your Remortgage

Remortgage specialists that Fridaysmove work with handle all the legal work for owners who plan to remortgage their house.

Our Birmingham property lawyers can act for lenders and building societies nationally. Our conveyancing lawyers' communicative and proactive attitude should improve the likelihood that completions can happen faster, so you will take advantage of your new rate sooner.

Comparing conveyancing fees for Birmingham solicitors

Birmingham solicitors legal costs divide into two individual components, namely disbursements and legal fees.

Legal disbursements are extra fees incurred by the solicitor and passed on to the home mover for example environmental searches or a Homebuyers Report. Solicitors conveyancing fees are the sums that the client pays to the Birmingham conveyancer for the actual legal process.

The best approach comparing Birmingham solicitors fees is to always read the conveyancers official terms of business.

Additional fees can include conveyancing fees for stamp duty land tax form completion.

Conveyancing for New Build Houses and Flats

When acquiring a new build, purchasers can often be expected to exchange contracts and commit to the purchase before the building work is completed.

Conveyancing for a new build property can be an unusual experience, compared to buying an existing house or flat.

West Midlands House Prices

YearAverage House Price (£ s)
May 2004 113, 806
May 2005 125, 353
May 2006 128, 650
May 2007 135, 615
May 2008 135, 205
May 2009 114, 264
May 2010 120, 753
May 2011 115, 655
May 2012 113, 951
May 2013 113, 751

In August 2019, 1,711 trusted us in Warwickshire and the UK

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