Customer Testimonials

"Hi Andy Yes, the move went well, thank you. We’ve now completed two of the four transactions that you have arranged for us. The other two are progressing a bit more slowly because of the time of year. I am very happy with your service and would recommend you, without doubt. The Fridaysmove solicitors, so far, have been superb, and the two I have dealt with particularly, have been very thorough, approachable and helpful. So thank you for that! I may be back again shortly too. "

Dear Ms Hill,

Thank you for your feedback. It looks like we got the last 2 through within 28 days.

It sounds like there is another property in the pipeline and I look forward to helping you with that one.

Speak soon,


Commercial Director


5 stars Thu 05-Jan-2012 Conveyancing
Mrs Hill, Property Developer

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