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Conveyancing Solicitors are the cause of Constipation in the Conveyancing Process

The Law Society- the body regulating the activity of conveyancing solicitors- has admitted that buyers and sellers blame conveyancing solicitors rather than estate agents for delays in the conveyancing process.

The Gazette journal, in their article entitled “Solicitors Blamed for Delays in Conveyancing Process” reveals survey information from the Office of Fair Trading indicating 20% blaming either their s or their buyer’s conveyancing solicitor.

Richard Barnett, chairman of the Law Society’s conveyancing and land law committee, commented: “If it is the client’s perception that it is the solicitor’s fault, that does not mean solicitors are to blame – it could be that the blame is wrongly being put on them by others. ”

Surely the client is always right, and if they believe that the conveyancing solicitor has caused a delay, then this perception counts. The solicitor, even if wrongly accused, needs to explain the reasons for such a delay.  The Law Society focuses on making it clear that the client may not have a right to take legal action, but this does not mean that there is not a lot more scope for improved communication.


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