Customer Testimonials

"Fridaysmove appointed our conveyancing Solicitor and Rachel Coles acted for us. I would not hesitate to recommend both Fridaysmove again. Rachel was always very helpful, extremely efficient and the communication was excellent throughout."

 Geoff Morris recently completed his property transaction via Fridaysmove, and provided the following review of his experience: 

How did you find the communication with your Solicitor?    10
Was you Solicitor proactive in pushing your move forward?    9
How happy were you with the speed of your home move?    9
Did you find Fridaysmove helpful during your home move?    8
Were the fees you paid your Solicitor what you expected?    Yes
Would you work with the recommended Solicitor again?    Yes
Would you recommend Fridaysmove to a friend?    Yes

He added the following praise for his Solicitor:

4 stars Fri 24-Jun-2011 Conveyancing
Geoff Morris

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