Customer Testimonials

"Dear Darren, Your Solicitor Judith was very conscientious and worked hard within a difficult timescale. Had it not been for her work in the week prior to completion it would have been very difficult to meet the schedule of parties further down the chain. It would however have been useful to have view of the contracts a few days earlier, as this would have given me a little more prior warning (for example, about the need to have the house insured prior to completion). All told, very pl"

Dear Mr Cawse,

Thank you for your feedback and I will arrange for this to be passed onto Judith. I am really happy you got to move in the tight timescale set.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Kind regards,

Darren Cleverley

Conveyancing Liaison


4 stars Wed 07-Dec-2011 Conveyancing
Mr Cawse, West Ratting, Cambridge - Completed August 2011

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