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Property Record

Restrictions no obstacle for Fridaysmove property lawyers

The Conveyancing for this property (sold at £153k) was undertaken in Loughborough by Local Conveyancing Solicitor Gemma Farguson.

One of the issues existing with the residence that came to Gemma's attention during the Conveyancing process was that the freehold property – at the post code LE11  – was found to have a restriction registered against the dwelling. Restrictions such as these could apply to other properties in Loughborough area, and indeed Christie Drive, on which the home is located. These can include a wide variety of issues, from prohibiting demolition to, more likely, limits on building permission. This should be held in mind by anyone wishing to purchase a property, and this issue may rear its head with regard to any other residence in the LE11 area. Caution is advised, but it's the responsibility of a Qualified Conveyancing Solictior, just like Gemma, to spot these potential problems for you.

The area of Charnwood, within which this property was sold, has the largest school population in Leicestershire. This also should be taken into account by anyone considering property in the Loughborough area, and who wishes to live in quiet surrounds. The existence of a large population of children and young families could well affect the area's peaceful ambiance – A more detailed summary of the area can be found at
Overall, the Conveyancing of the property, and the finalisation by the estate agent was a close-knit deal, with the estate agent's particulars being received (Moore & York – residing in the Midlands)shortly before the Fast Conveyancing agreement was received. This Loughborough deal was concluded successfully, with the only hiccup being the restriction held against the land.

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