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Property Record

Conveyancing by Fridays Legal Services on the Purchase of Leasehold Property in Streatham – Completed in 66 days

In September 2007 Fridaysmove conveyancing lawyers Streatham team acted on the purchase conveyancing for a 125 year leasehold property valued at around £320, 000.  This property is located at London.

On average for conveyancing to complete is 90 days. Fridaysmove Legal property lawyer s completed this matter within 66 days of receiving the draft contract documentation from the registered owners conveyancing lawyer.

Fridaysmove Legal property lawyer s discovered that this property is in a conservation area; conveyancers need take extra precautions in case any alterations have been made. Where a conveyancing lawyer identifies a property is within a conservation area this means that the local authority has the following extra controls over the property ( over and above planning permission and building regulations ) :

  • demolition
  • minor developments 
  • the protection of trees 

A risk of natural subsidence was uncovered – further details can be viewed in the environmental searches. Properties can be at risk from natural subsidence but some more affected than others. Many factors will contribute to the level of risk your property will of natural subsidence. Some of these can include the construction materials the property is built of, the age of the property, the type as well as the proximity, size and age of nearby vegetation, the age and condition of local drains and climatic conditions. The main factor that contributes to natural subsidence is ‘Clay Shrinkage’ and this is a symptom of the type, depth and nature of the clay soil surrounding and underpinning the property in question. A roof terrace also exists at the property although there is no evidence of planning permission being applied for.

The Land Registry Office Copies supplied revealed that the registered owners had owned the property for less than five years and as such there was a danger that the transfer of the property to the seller could be set aside if it was established that the property within that five year period was a Transfer at Undervalue.

Transfer at Undervalue:The transfer of property or an interest in it (for example a transfer by the owner into the joint names of himself and another) by way of gift or for a price less than the current market value of the property.

The estate agent's sales memorandum detailing the registered owners conveyancing lawyer was obtained shortly before receiving the draft contract documentation. This document outlines the sale/purchase property, the price, the Purchaser and the Seller’s details and details of their respective conveyancing teams. It is worth noting that a Sales Memorandum  does nothing more than record the agreement reached between the parties subject to contract and forms no part of a contract for the sale of the said property between the parties

The managing agent is Abbott Management.

Julie Dixon was the property lawyer in charge of conveyancing in Streatham, Lambeth, South London.

The estate agent was the" target="_blank">Foxtons branch covering Streatham.

This residence is in the local authority area of" target="_blank">Lambeth Council Borough Of London .

The seller's conveyancing solicitor Streatham was Fridaysmove Limited – DX 37900 Kings Cross. Lambeth, South London.

If you would like to know more about conveyancing or have any questions regarding conveyancing, then please feel free to contact Fridaysmove conveyancing lawyers. Fridaysmove have headquarters just a stone's throw from London's St Pancras International, Fridaysmove are the UK's leading conveyancing specialist serving the whole of England and Wales. Fridaysmove consistently out perform market conditions and with current market turbulence, you simply cannot afford to instruct reactive property lawyer s.

Well over 150 estate agent brands refer their clients to Fridaysmove as they know this is the best you can do towards giving your purchase or sale the optimum chance of a successful completion.

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