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The Conservative Party put HIP Lobbyists back in their box.

As far as HIPs are concerned the  Conservative Party have clearly  nailed their colours to the mast as the Tories warn the HIP industry to back off over Home Information Packs ( HIPs ) .

Grant Shapps, shadow housing minister, who has been very vociferous in his opposition to HIPs,  issued an open after PRWeek reported that Quintus had landed a brief to shift Tory opposition to HIPs 

The aforementioned  letter stated: ‘There is a lesson here for the public affairs industry: last-minute attempts to change the manifesto and expect a U-turn on a party’s established and consistent policies are unlikely to succeed. ’

Some lobbyists will no doubt remain hopeful the Tories would still be open to lobbying on HIPs but it will be interesting to see whether the HIP industry or the HIP trade associations continue to retain their PR companies or whether they will give up the HIP ghost .

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