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Cheap conveyancing can cost you more than you think !

Ambulance  chasing is not a phrase often attributed to conveyancing lawyers but it is moving that way with volume conveyancers advertising prices that are ridiculously low. Small wonder that over one third of all negligence claims against solicitors are in the field of conveyancing.

Cheap conveyancing :

Cheap conveyancing can be achieved, not by cutting corners and risking negligence claims, but by negotiating better rates for Cheap Conveyancing on our clients behalf. Fridaysmove helps 100s of homebuyers and sellers instruct highly-recommended Solicitors every month – our "buying power" enables us to enforce rigorous standards on our approved Solicitors, meaning better, and Cheaper, Conveyancing for you.

No sale, No fee conveyancing :

Cut price "£99" conveyancing worked during periodic booms in the property market. To succeed, this also relied on volume and high interest rates, which meant that home buyers were offered the service at a price level much too low for the conveyancing to be carried out by experienced conveyancing lawyers or conveyancing solicitors. Thus, what should have been a very personal, individual service began to resemble a factory line manned by poorly qualified substitutes instead of specialists.

Our recommended high street Solicitors are carefully managed to guarantee their workload is balanced, and to be sure every client receives the level of personal, direct service they deserve for what is, after all, perhaps the biggest financial decision of their life.

Cheap can be costly in the long-run, but not if you do your research and read the small print.

Fridaysmove 's advisors will be happy to discuss any Conveyancing Solicitors' quote with you, if you have any concerns about hidden fees, and will not be beaten on price. Call us on 0800 038 6446.

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