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Chartered Surveyor in Surrey follows his nose – to a mould infested roof


Smell of mould raises concerns in Surrey Home Buyers Survey 

A Chartered Surveyor conducting a Home Buyers Survey in Surrey was pleased with the condition of the 1935 property – until he put his head into the loft space and caught the strong scent of mould.

The Property Survey was showing few signs that there would be any issues that would affect the purchase. However, when our Surveyor investigated the roof void, he was assailed by the unmistakable scent of mould.

His HomeBuyer Report in Surrey stated that:

“Within the loft space there is a strong smell of mould. This means that there is an advanced stage of decay to some of the hidden roof timbers and that the fungus will have spores. ”

‘Timbers saturated’, says Home Buyers Survey in Surrey 

The Property Survey provided a diagnosis that described the source of the problem as a failure in the under-roof waterproofing.

“The roof is constructed with sarking boarding (horizontal planks of wood) laid over the rafters. This was a traditional method of providing secondary protection against driving rain and snow, before the use of modern underfelt.  

“The sarking boards, viewed from beneath, do not appear sound. The timbers are saturated with water, it is quite probable that the upper surfaces have been exposed to rain penetration over the years and will have deteriorated as a result. ” 

Rot and fungus put roof at risk, says Building Survey in Surrey

It was the Surveyor’s concern that the moisture had caused the spread of rot and eventually mould that would lead to significantly expensive repairs.

Rot outbreaks seem to have occurred in these timbers and the sarking boarding should be removed. There is no easy way to carry out such work without complete re-roofing which is expensive and will have a material effect on any valuation of the house. ”

The Chartered Surveyor was concerned that the value of the property may have been significantly affected (up to 15%) by the rot and mould problem. Thus, he said, the subject of this Home Buyers Survey in Surrey would ideally be a “project for improvement” and should be renegotiated as such.


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