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Cameron promises to scrap HIPs in a few Days!

The Conservative Leader, David Cameron, said in an interview published on Sunday 2nd May that his Government would introduce legislation to abolish the HIP (Home Information Pack) within just a few days of taking office.  The Times article comes out at the same time as the News of The World predicts that the Tories will be close enough to the magic 328 MPs that they may only need the assistance of the Unionists in Northern Ireland to form a majority Government.

Do I Need a HIP?

This brings about the prospect of HIP Chaos as thousands of home sellers ask “Do I Need A HIP?”  Or more likely when will I no longer need one!  In particular if the next Government is a Tory LIB Dem alliance of sorts, what will happen to the promised legislation – and when will it take effect?  Not to mention, what will happen to the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) – currently part if the HIP and not likely to be abolished.

Best Election-related HIP Offer you have ever had!

All this HIP confusion has given us an idea which I am revealing here exclusively!

After the election result is declared on May 7th, if you buy a HIP from Fridaysmove and also take Conveyancing, When (or IF) the Government abolish the HIP – we will give you your money back in the form of a 100% MONEY BACK offer when you complete on your Conveyancing matter.

That means that you won’t waste a penny of your money if the HIP gets abolished!  

Limited Offer

This offer is only from May 7th and will last just a few weeks or until the legislation abolishing or changing the HIP has been passed.  It only applies to our Conveyancing Customers and is limited to 1 HIP per Conveyancing matter.  It could save you £200+.  Money will be refunded if and when the Conveyancing matter completes.

We were going to announce this on May 7thy – but I couldn’t wait!



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