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Property Record

Bungalow surveyed in Mablethorpe was at risk from North Sea floods

Lincolshire survey finds home in fine fettle – just be sure mind the flood plain

One of our clients in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire, asked us to organise a Home Buyers Survey on a two-bedroom bungalow. The report that came back was outstanding, with the exception of a stern flood warning.

The Chartered Surveyor was impressed with the condition of the 1965 home. So impressed in fact, that he recorded no defects or flaws. He returned to our client with a number of pictures of clean drainage pipes and impeccable brickwork.

Even the grounds were “clear and tidily maintained”.

Services would need checking, says Home Inspector

The only maintenance concerns the Surveyor raised pertained to the lack of certification for the gas and electrical services. There was no record of when the utilities had last been inspected.  

In order to secure the safety of the home, reported the Home Buyers Survey in Lincolnshire, our client should have the property tested by gas and electricity specialists.

Mablethorpe bungalow recalls a chilling evening 60 years hence

The Surveyor’s only caveat on a full commendation of the property was the fact that it stood on the same low, flat Lincolnshire coast that was inundated by the North Sea Flood of 1953.

On the weekend of the 31st of January 1953, a high spring tide and a severe storm caused a storm surge of up to 5. 6m (18. 4ft) above mean sea level to breach the East English coastline.  

Homes in Mablethorpe were destroyed and across the UK 531 people lost their lives (including 133 from the vehicle ferry MV Princess Victoria).

Any homebuyer could not ignore the risk of a flood such as this occurring again, said the Surveyor. For information about flood zones and risk in the UK and to find out if your property is at risk, visit the" target="_blank">Environment Agency website.

The Surveyor reported that if our client was prepared to face the consequences of flood (and to pay the extra insurance premiums), then the home was in ideal condition.


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