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Chartered Surveyor says stagnant air is cause for concern in London home

A detailed Building Survey in London conducted by a Chartered Surveyor found a defect beneath the floor that required immediate attention.

Property Surveys in London are designed to provide complete reassurance

The Building Survey in London was requested by a Fridaysmove client to ensure that the two-bedroom Victorian home was in a suitable condition for sale.

A Building Survey, formerly known as a Full Structural Survey, is Fridaysmove's most detailed home assessment product. Clients who are considering buying older properties often order a Building Survey as opposed to a Home Buyers Survey. The older a building is, the more likely there are to be hidden gremlins or significant problems that could cause huge headaches for a new homeowner.

Inadequate ventilation identified by Chartered Surveyor

In this case, the comprehensive study did turn up some noteworthy issues that needed to be addressed before they became major issues.

In particular, the home lacked adequate openings for the passage of air beneath the flooring. Only one air brick was provided for the entire property.

The Chartered Surveyor who was conducting this Building Survey in West London said that: 

“Sub-floor ventilation in a property of this type is essential, but we consider that existing air bricks are too few in number to adequately combat the risk of condensation and dampness and further vents should be installed. ”

This is a significant and dangerous issue for the structure of the house. Dampness underneath the floor would build up on the floor joists. Pockets of stagnant air would fail to provide adequate drying movement. These are the ideal conditions for wet rot.

The Surveyor reported that:

“The only way to overcome this problem would be to excavate and insert ducting or pipework within the solid floor to link with the suspended timber floor areas but this would be a costly process. ”

It was essential that the buyer obtain accurate quotes for repair from licensed contractors in order to make an informed judgement regarding their purchase.

This kind of defect would not have been noticed by any but the keenest of observers.  Property Surveys in London are the best way to ensure that problems which are invisible to the untrained eye do not remain hidden.

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