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Building Survey in Guildford finds cracks in walls and management

A Building Survey in Guildford has warned a Fridaysmove client that they may be buying into a legal quagmire.

The two-bedroom flat was located close to the centre of Surrey’s county town and was therefore in a convenient location for schools, shops and amenities.

Cracking walls indicate larger problem in Building Survey in Guildford

In this Building Survey, the Chartered Surveyor noted that some repair work had been done to the external cavity walls. The wall ties, which bind the internal and external brickwork together, had failed.  

Wall tie failure is a common defect due to the widespread use of inadequate galvanised steel ties during the last century. The age of this building (1959) made it a prime candidate for this kind of problem. Modern construction practices require stainless steel wall ties.

The Building Survey in Guildford reported that the failure was probably caused by severe movement in the building foundations in the past.

He warned that the building rested on clay based soil. This soil type is prone to subsidence. The Surveyor could not guarantee that the problem would not return.

Unstable building lacks proper management, says Building Surveyor in Guildford

Aggravating this issue was the fact that the building, which contained four identical flats, had no overarching management body to address serious maintenance issues such as the observed wall cracking.

The Surveyor predicted that this problem would recur. Without a legally constituted body to manage the building, he said, repair work such as this can destroy neighbourly relations and lead to legal issues.

The Building Survey in Guildford stated that:

“A company or responsible person or persons should be formally constituted preferably by virtue of the provisions within the leases, or via the articles of association of a limited company so that repairs can be undertaken and effective management put in place including a provision for the collection of costs jointly and separately through a service charge. "

This type of provision would have been addressed by the Conveyancing Solicitor. The Surveyor went on to say that if the recommendations suggested by the Building Survey in Guildford were not provided for: “then my valuation should be referred back to me for reconsideration. ”


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