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Property Record

Building Survey gives Nottingham home buyers a great negotiating platform

A Building Survey on a three-bedroom home in Nottingham has given the buyer a mostly positive report. The home was priced well below the market average and our clients would have been pleased to find out that there was nothing significantly wrong with the property. However, the Homebuyer Report did suggest they may well have wanted to see a few things fixed before they proceeded to sale.

Building Survey in Nottingham investigates property priced well below market average

The Surveyor described the 1950s Nottingham property as a “reasonable proposition” at the asking price of £72, 500. At the time of this Nottingham Home Buyers Survey, the median house price for a three-bedroom property in Nottingham was £130, 000. A property at this price would have been of interest to many buyers.  

Our clients asked a Nottingham Chartered Surveyor to have a close look at the property to ensure they were not buying a lemon. After the Building Survey in Nottingham was completed, the Surveyor was able to report to the buyer that the home was in a very habitable condition.  

Where do we sign? … Except, fix these things first

The Home Buyers Survey did uncover some small maintenance issues. These included:

  • Cracked tiles were allowing water ingress to the roof cavity.
  • Leaking gutters had spilled water onto the fasciae. This had caused staining of the timber.
  • The render on the concrete walls was chipped and cracked and would need repairing.
  • The bedroom windows were not adequate to provide an escape route in case of fire. This did not comply with the current safety regulations. This would have to be considered by any owner when they devised a fire plan.

The Homebuyer Report indicated that this ex-local authority house would make a stout and robust little purchase. However, buyers may have wanted to ask the seller to:

  • Fix the issues noted above.


  • Lower the price accordingly.

Armed with their Building Survey, the Nottingham home buyers were well placed to negotiate.

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