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Property Record

Building Survey in Bradford tells a weary tale

A Bradford Building Survey has noted that the late-Victorian home had “significant issues” which compromised its value.

A century of decline observed in Building Survey in Bradford

The terrace was built at the height of Bradford’s boom era. During the 19th Century, Bradford was one of the most rapidly industrialising cities in the world. The textile and mining hub received its charter as a city in 1897, just as the mortar was drying on the subject of this Building Survey.

The Victorian age was Bradford’s finest. Much of the best architecture in the city dates back to the late 1800s, including the magnificent City Hall (pictured).  

The Surveyor found a house that was tired after a century of sheltering hard working West Yorkshire families. The terrace was in need of urgent repairs.

Building Survey in Bradford recommends:

  • The roof be stripped off and replaced with new slate tiles.
  • A full replacement of all external timbers and fascias.
  • All gutters to be replaced.
  • General repointing of the brickwork.
  • A contractor to be engaged to deal with high levels of damp that were recorded.
  • Significant re-plastering work of the interior walls.

The Chartered Surveyor noted that the average price for a property of this kind and location was around £120 000. Because of the run-down nature of the property, his final report to the client of this Building Survey in Bradford placed the value at £95 000.

The client was made aware of this large devaluation before they proceeded with purchase. This property had suffered a lifetime of neglect. The buyer could use the report from this Building Survey in Bradford to negotiate a reduced sale price; then, with the money saved, they could undertake the significant renovations that would return the West Yorkshire home to its industrial-era glory.

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