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Broadband speed a priority for homebuyers

If you want to sell your home fast, forget painting everywhere magnolia or enticing buyers with the smell of freshly roasted coffee. These days, the trick seems to be a fast broadband connection.

According to a recent survey a survey of 1, 500 homebuyers, carried out by and property expert Henry Pryor, fast broadband is now more important to buyers than having off-street parking or local amenities.

Fast internet connection now essential for property buyers

Having a good internet connection is now seen as essential, not just for web-surfing but for TV and entertainment, and more and more people now work from home, relying on broadband to link them to customers and employers.

One estate agent has found that it pays to advertise broadband speeds in online property listings. Delaneys, based in Hornchurch, Essex, learned in a recent trial that viewing requests for those properties showing broadband speeds were twice as high as for those without.  

Managing director Rob Delaney said:

“As with south-facing gardens and good schools, people are now on the hunt for homes with fast broadband. It’s a sign of the times, but we’re still really surprised with the results of this trial. “

Homeowners may not be able to do much about broadband speed if they live in the wrong area. Local telecoms infrastructure is the main factor in determining what speed a property can enjoy.

The government has announced various measures, including easing planning restrictions, to help speed up the installation of super-fast broadband to major UK cities. It has also made cash available to stimulate commercial investment to roll out high speed broadband in rural communities.  

But until these plans have been carried out, many homes, especially in rural areas, will still suffer from slow connection speeds or even being in a ‘not-spots’ (where no broadband is available at all).

Perhaps Conveyancing Solicitors should now, in addition to making enquiries about drains and roads, ask for evidence that the broadband speed quoted in the agent’s details can actually be achieved?

It’s clear that this will continue to be an issue for buyers – if not at the forefront of their mind during the first viewing of a home, then certainly once the reality of moving home sinks in, and they start to consider the details.

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