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"Dear Mr Boast, In response to your follow-up email, we have already moved in, and were very, very happy with the speed at which everyone worked. As you know, we have bought and sold several times now, and I was sceptical that you could deliver on everything you promised. Can you please thank everyone involved on your end. This was definitely the best moving experience we've had so far, and we will be using you again. Yours sincerely, Marcus"

Dear Mr Haq,

Thank you! I'll be sure to pass on your thanks to Zak and the team.

Don't worry, I understood your scepticism, and you were certainly right to ask and check the details of your quote.

We always advise our customers to 'always read the small print' of any quote they get! 

Good luck with your new home,


5 stars Thu 10-May-2012 Conveyancing
Mr M Haq, Teacher

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