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Average UK Home Now Takes Two Weeks Longer to Sell – Here’s How to Speed it Up

A study carried out by Post Office Money Mortgages found that the average UK home now takes 91 days to sell, two whole weeks more than this time last year when the average home would have taken just 71 days to sell in 2015.

The average UK home now takes two weeks longer to sell

The study also found that of the 50 cities panelled, the cities with the fastest selling times were Bristol at a quick 51 days, and Edinburgh at 53 days, whereas the cities that took the longest to sell their homes were Swansea and Liverpool at 100 and 108 days respectively. London was at the long end of the scale, taking an arduous 89 days to sell the average home.

This news will be hard to hear for sellers, but there are ways to speed up the process of selling a house. Stick to these top house selling tips and you could shave some much-needed time off your waiting period.

Get a good solicitor

This has more benefits than just speed, but since we’re talking completion times here, let’s stick with that.

It goes without saying that an experienced solicitor will be able to perform your conveyancing duties quicker and more efficiently. If a problem arises, an experienced solicitor will already know how to proceed and get you completed on time.

When trying to find a conveyancing solicitor, make sure to always check their reviews to ensure that they have a good reputation and solid history of successful (and quick!) conveyancing completions.

Do your part on time

We can’t stress how vital it is for you to do your own conveyancing duties in good time. The initial paperwork that your solicitor gives you should be filled in as soon as you can, as the rest of the conveyancing can’t continue until you provide all the documents you are asked for.

Make your house desirable

Another fairly obvious point is to make sure that your house looks fabulous! Remember that when someone comes to view your home, it helps if they can imagine their own things in there, so if your house is cluttered, that will make imaging living there a bit harder, and your chances of selling much lower.

Another well-known trick is to make sure the house smells great – get some coffee on the brew, bake a cake or place some freshly cut flowers in the main room. Your visitors will instantly warm to your house and hopefully put in an offer!

While the Post Office’s statistics may come as bad news for house sellers, it’s not all negative and there are still many ways of making sure your home sells in a timeframe that suits you.
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