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Special price for Graham Penny auction customers – get a SPAR report from just £149 including VAT

Solicitors Pre-Auction Report (SPAR)

Auction companies such as Graham Penny recommend that you have the legal pack reviewed by a solicitor prior to bidding to ensure you are fully aware of the legal status of the property. Unless a property’s legal documentation is reviewed by a professional, you really have no idea what you are buying!

Our SPAR (Solicitors Pre-Auction Report) is a comprehensive report completed by a Property Solicitor which gives you ‘pre-bid peace of mind’.

What if the report identifies a problem?

The purpose of the Solicitors Pre-Auction Report is not to scare you away from bidding on the property. It’s simply to identify any potential problems and mitigate these prior to the auction.

28 day Conveyancing

Speed is key for Auction Conveyancing. Buyers exchange contracts, pay a deposit on the day of the Property Auction and must complete within 21 days. Standard conveyancing typically takes around 56 days, so you need a fast Fridaysmove solicitor who can push your purchase through more quickly.

If you purchase a SPAR report, you can deduct this cost (from £149 inc. VAT) from the full conveyancing costs if you stay with the same solicitor through Fridaysmove.

Seller’s Legal Pack

Fridaysmove act for sellers too.

If you are a seller wanting to assemble the legal documentation before an auction, or if you are an auctioneer looking for the rapid and accurate compilation of Auction Legal Packs’, call us now for more information on how we can help.

Rapid Pre-Auction Surveys

Don’t risk it – It isn’t just legally problematic property that finds its way into property auctions. Structurally defective property is also common and buying without a survey is risky.

Surveys start form as little as £179 – Don’t bid without one

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