Following the latest Government advice on home moving during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak,  find out more on how we can support your conveyancing journey.

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Worried about buying a HIP unnecessarily?

The Government has announced the end of the Home Information Pack (HIP), but no dates have been laid down!  They also promise to keep the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – currently a part of the HIP.  Again there are no firm commitments and dates.

This will leave people asking themselves if they need a HIP, and for how long!

HIP Abolition Money Back Guarantee

Fridaysmove are in the final preparation of a HIP Abolition Money Back Guarantee that will ensure that you cannot waste money buying a HIP today, as long as you are also using us for Conveyancing.  

In essence, if you buy a HIP and don’t sell your house before it gets abolished, we will refund the money you have paid when your conveyancing with us completes.  If the EPC is retained, and you get value from it, we will keep £40+VAT to cover it.  We will also retain any discounts you have been given against your HIP and Conveyancing.

What this means is that you can’t lose out if the HIP becomes worthless!  

See this web site from Monday 17th May for details.

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