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Why do I need a Drainage and Water Report for my HIP?

All properties that require a Home Information Pack are required by law to contain certain documents, which the government feels are essential to the conveyancing process.

Amongst these required legal documents is a Drainage and Water Report. This report, which pre- Home Information Pack  was obtained by a buyer’s solicitor, contains information that the average property owner is not necessarily aware of, and also passes the responsibility for divulging this information to the supplier of the report.

Whilst some of the information contained in the report is available in one form or another from a number of sources, not all of it is necessarily easy to come by.
Maps of public sewers and waterworks are available for the public to inspect free of charge at our designated offices (at Sowton Industrial Estate in Exeter), and information on whether you are connected and whether your property is metered or not can be gleaned from a copy of your most recent water bill.

As the owner of the property you may know where your meter is located, but an owner may not know where the nearest Sewage Treatment Works can be found, or what the water quality report reveals?

The only authoritative source for this information is the  local water and sewer company. Not only that, but if the information in one of the  reports to be included in the Home Information Pack is incorrect, then the relevant search provider will  have a responsibility, to rectify their records.

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