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Which conveyancing firm – Local Conveyancer or National Conveyancer ?

It’s a common debate among value-conscious clients online, as to whether Conveyancing carried out by a local lawyer familiar with the area is better than a national online conveyancing company.

Let’s explore the benefits of both:

National Online Conveyancing Company

  • Often available to assist you with longer opening hours and weekends.
  • Sophisticated technology and optimised business structures means more efficient operating costs, and hence savings which may be passed on to the client.
  • With a larger volume of clients, processes must be streamlined, leading to faster, more reliable transactions.

The Local Conveyancing Solicitor

  • More experienced in the particular nuances of the conveyancing for that particular local area.
  •  You would usually deal with one professional from beginning to end of a transaction.   The benefit is therefore to receive continuity of advice.
  • Easy access to your Solicitor’s physical office if last-minute signatures are needed.

Fridaysmove ‘s approach to Fast, Cheap Conveyancing

As a purchaser or seller of a property, you can derive the benefits of both a national online conveyancer and localised expertise and personal service of a local lawyer.

Fridaysmove -recommended high-street Solicitors are local to geographical areas across the UK and will provide you with a market-beating Conveyancing Quote, Cheaper than both national and local providers, because we have already negotiated better rates on your behalf.

With Fridaysmove, you needn’t compromise on quality, speed or price. Get Fast, Cheap Conveyancing online, and speak to a local Solicitor  today.

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