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What is a Property Solicitor?

A property solicitor is a professional who takes care of all the conveyancing aspects of a property purchase or sale.   A property solicitor normally specialises in either residential conveyancing or commercial conveyancing.   However, there is nothing to stop a property solicitor from practicing both of those disciplines.   When it comes to residential conveyancing a property solicitor’s role is to oversee the conveyancing process from beginning to end (in other words from exchange of contracts to completion) and to transfer the property from the name of the seller into the name of the purchaser.   Please note that until exchange of contracts takes place there is no legally binding agreement and the purchaser or seller can withdraw at any time without any legal liability to the other.

How to Find a Property Solicitor

A Property solicitor, as opposed to licensed conveyancers, should be registered with the Law Society.   Licensed conveyancers are regulated by the Council of Licensed Conveyancers.   To locate a property solicitor the best thing to do is to visit the Law Society’s website which has a facility to locate a property solicitor within the location in which you are buying or selling.   That being said, it is not essential to use a local property solicitor.   For example, if you require conveyancing in London there is no need to retain a property solicitor in London although there are good arguments to using a local property solicitor or property lawyer .   Please see our article Conveyancing in London – The Peculiarities of Buying or Selling a Property in London.

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