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Fridaysmove won't let the postal strike impact your Conveyancing transaction.

Our advice is as follows;

  • Do NOT post any important document to us or to any other party (Estate Agent, Lender, Conveyancer, etc. . )  We will not be using Royal mail for any important documents.
  • If we need to send you a document we will do so either via email, courier (where applicable) or other non Royal mail means.
  • If we need to obtain a document from you, or take payment, we will arrange a non Royal Mail method of transmission.
  • In certain circumstances you may be able to authorise us to sign certain conveyancing documents on your behalf.   Where this is necessary we will send you the copy document to approve first and will ensure that this is acceptable to the other parties in the transaction.
  • If in doubt, call us on our main number 0330 660 0287


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