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Top Tips in Choosing a Cheap Conveyancing Solicitor

Understanding how cheap conveyancing works

Do not base your choice on the cheapest in the marketplace but rather best value for money. There is normally a direct correlation between cheap conveyancing and quality of service.

Of course this does not mean to say that the most expensive property lawyers are the best, but as with many things in life, you get what you pay for. Some Cheap conveyancing providers on the marketplace outsource work to outside the UK.

Many cheap conveyancing firms adopt a pyramid process to conveyancing. This is a method whereby your conveyancing transaction is broken up between several “case handlers” covering different parts of the transaction as opposed to a single qualified Conveyancer.

Conveyancing can take a couple of months to complete and it is exceptionally frustrating if you find that you are speaking to a different person on your file every single day. It is worth paying that bit extra and having a Conveyancing Solicitor that you can build a relationship with who you can trust and actually fully understands your expectations.

Ask to speak to your conveyancing lawyer who will handle your conveyancing

Speak to your Property Lawyer at the outset. If you have obtained a quote for Cheap Conveyancing online, you should still contact the company and ask to speak to the Conveyancing Solicitor who will be dealing with your work.

If they are not prepared to invest time in speaking to you to really understand what your expectations are then what chance do you have in speaking to them during the course of the transaction? Although conveyancing no longer requires face to face meetings with clients, it does still require a very strong open line of communication with clients.

If your Cheap Conveyancing quote comes from a company which will introduce you to law firms, they should still get someone to contact you quickly – this is a good test as to how quickly they will respond if they take on your Conveyancing.

Conveyancing lawyers recommended by Estate Agents

Do not take the recommendation of corporate estate agents. Most corporate estate agents have a relationship with Property lawyers who are prepared to pay a referral fee to those estate agents.

If you are going to go on the recommendation of an estate agent, be satisfied that they are recommending a lawyer because they have non-financial reasons. Ask the Solicitors how much they will be paying the agent!

Getting Cheap Conveyancing lawyers who understand your area

Be sure that the conveyancing firm or property solicitors you are choosing have conducted conveyancing transactions in your area. This is where you can be sure that they will have some understanding of the local issues that often affect conveyancing transactions. Certain areas of the UK require specific searches and have specific conveyancing enquiries that would be relevant.

If you are buying or selling a leasehold property, use a property lawyer that has deeper understanding and experience in leasehold conveyancing transactions.

Nothing slows up a transaction more than a conveyancing lawyer who carries out a couple of leasehold conveyancing transactions a year and is not familiar with standard leasehold issues. Leasehold conveyancing is significantly more complex than freehold conveyancing.

Fixed fee conveyancing

Instruct Conveyancers who offer a fixed fee rather than charge on an hourly basis for conveyancing or provide an estimate. Many companies who give Cheap Conveyancing quotes ask you to accept terms of engagement which enable them to charge additional charges for many things which most people would consider to be standard in any transaction, such as acting for a mortgage lender and completing the stamp duty return.

Conveyancing reviews

Use the internet to see if there are any reviews of the conveyancing firm you are thinking of using. Look on blogs and forums.

The conveyancing broker

Although it would seem logical that you should get a better quote for Cheap Conveyancing by going direct to a law firm rather than through a website which will introduce you to Conveyancing Solicitors, this is not necessarily so.

The fact is that such brokers are able to achieve better deals for Cheap Conveyancing because Property Lawyers find it more cost-effective to leave marketing to such companies. This leaves the Conveyancing Solicitors free to concentrate on providing their core service to the client.

Another bonus for clients is that they have someone else to talk to if they are not happy with the service they are getting. Brokers should ensure that the firms which they introduce give a good service to clients.

If they get a report that the client is unhappy about some aspect of the service being provided, brokers can often speak to the senior partner or practice manager and ensure that rapid action is taken to sort out any problem.

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