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Scott Oke's 10 most common home survey horrors

Scott Oke is a member of the Fridaysmove Surveyor Newtork and is highly experienced surveying properties throughout the UK.

Fridaysmove are in the process of mapping out the most common property defects throughout the UK in our surveyor poll.

As part of our series of articles looking into the regional and most common issues encountered by surveyors, we asked Scott the following questions:

Is there anything in the survey areas/s you cover that you think is peculiar to those areas?

  1. Peat soil in Fenland District of Cambridgeshire
  2. Collyweston roof slates – East Northamptonshire
  3. Flint – Parts of Norfolk

What are the top 10 defects you encounter when conducting a survey?

  1. Evidence of timber defects such as Dry Rot (Serpula Lacrymans) & Woodboring infestation
  2. Structural Distortion (including crack damage, distortions to floors, walls & roofs)
  3. Damp (penetrating, rising & condensation)
  4. Deleterious Materials (such as Asbestos, lead paint)
  5. Wall Tie Failure
  6. Substandard Services
  7. Distorted and undue drainage blockage
  8. Restricted floor ventilation
  9. Bulging chimney stack
  10. Remnants of unsupported chimney stack in roof void


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