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Property Solicitor Activity – Buying a property in England & Wales


Purchase Conveyancing UK – What your property solicitor will do for you

Conveyancing Stage One  – Agreement of sale

Once the sale is agreed, and the sales memo is in form the estate agent,   your  property solicitor will:

  • Organise searches over and above those in the HIP and ask you for a payment on account of such expenses
  • Receive replies to conveyancing questions raised with the seller’s property solicitor and report to you with the contract for signing
  • Request your contract deposit
  • Check with the mortgage offer and all the conditions on your behalf
  • Receive the search results and address any problems.

Conveyancing Stage Two  – Exchange of contracts

Once exchange of contracts has taken place, your property solicitor will:

  • Pass on the deposit to the seller’s property solicitor
  • Draft and send for approval a final completion/financial statement.
  • Receive any balance of funds to complete the purchase
  • Draft the deed of transfer to send the seller’s property solicitor and send the mortgage deed for you to sign them
  • Organise pre-completion searches to check for debts and bankruptcy.

Conveyancing Stage Three – Completion

On completion of the conveyancing transaction, your property solicitor will:

  • Pay stamp duty to HM Revenue & Customs
  • Draft and submit an application to HM Land Registry to register your ownership
  • Send copy deeds to you and the lender (if the property is mortgaged)

Please note that Fridaysmove are not Property Solicitors although many of the staff at Fridaysmove originally qualified as a property solicitor. The director of the firm, Simon Seaton qualified as a Solicitor but was required by the Council of Licensed Conveyancers to give up his Solicitor Practicing Certificate when accepting a full License to be a Licensed Conveyancer. Property Solicitors are regulated by the Law Society.

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