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Property and Conveyancing Solicitors in Norfolk

If you are buying or selling a property, you will be required to instruct a solicitor to represent you during the conveyancing process. It is possible to undertake some DIY conveyancing yourself but this is limited and you will have to instruct a solicitor at an early stage.   Firms such as Lambeth Pugh Solicitors and W F Smith Solicitors specialise in property and conveyancing.

Licensed Conveyancers also provide a wide range of conveyancing services and can assist you with the purchase or sale of a property. Fridaysmove are licensed conveyancers and should you wish to instruct us you can obtain an instant quote from our website.    You can also access a list of solicitors from our website.

The types of property  to be found in Norfolk range from farms to properties situated in conservation areas. Care should be taken to instruct a solicitor who is familiar with the area in which you propose to purchase a property and if there are any unusual aspects to the conveyancing process, e. g, the need to extend the lease or unregistered land  are involved, you must ensure the solicitor has sufficient experience in order to be able to deal with every aspect competently.

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