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Points to consider when selling your property in Oxford

When selling your home in Oxford, we recommend that you instruct a Conveyancing Solicitor as soon as you put the property on the market.

The majority of people who sell their property through an estate agent will wait until the agent has found a buyer before instructing a Property Lawyer. Once a quote has been accepted, your Conveyancer will carry out the ID checks, which are now essential. After these checks have been done, your lawyer will need to prepare and send a draft contract, as well as other documents, to the buyers’ Solicitors.  Before they can do so, however, they will need to obtain various documents and information from a range of sources. This process can be time consuming, and so you should begin before you find a buyer.

Your Conveyancing Solicitors will need to send the property information forms to be completed so that they can be forwarded to the buyers’ Solicitors. On checking the replies, it may be found necessary to get copies of other documents such as planning consents or NHBC warranties. They will also obtain details of the property title and contact any existing lender for information about the mortgage. While copies of registered land titles can now be downloaded from the land registry straight away, it is often necessary to obtain copies of other documents filed at the registry. These are not always stored digitally, so the registry has to send copies by post. Where the title is still unregistered which is still the case for some properties in Oxford, the original title deeds have to be located which may be held by a mortgage lender.

For leasehold properties such as flats, your Conveyancer will also want to obtain management information from the landlord as this information will be required by the other side.

Finally they will check that the person from whom they have received instructions is the registered owner of the property. It might be that a house is being sold by the executor of a deceased owner, or where the owner has given a power of attorney, in which case a copy of the grant of probate is required.

By instructing a Conveyancing Solicitor for your sale in Oxford before you find a buyer, you can get all of these checks underway sooner. This can mean a faster transaction, and less chance of your buyer pulling out due to delays.

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