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Most common property defects encountered by Derek Porter


Derek Porter has been a qualified chartered surveyor since 1975.  With some 37 years of experience he has earned the much coveted Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS).

With such a wealth of experience we had to ask him about some of the things he has encountered during is time in the field:

Is there anything in the areas/s you cover that you think is peculiar to the geographical areas in which our have practiced? 

Floor slab settlement in parts of Berkshire.

What are the top 10 defects you encounter when conducting a survey ( e.g. Felt roof problems, settlement due to clay soil etc)?


  1. Rising damp
  2. woodworm
  3. poor ventilation in roof spaces
  4. settlement cracks
  5. leaks to flat roofs
  6. leaking gutters
  7. blocked drains
  8. faulty wiring
  9. defective clay tiles
  10. defective chimney stacks.  



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