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London Conveyancing – Leasehold Service Charge Disputes

Fridaysmove specialise in leasehold conveyancing. London and the South East have over half the number of leasehold properties in the UK and so Conveyancing in London is a large part of our business. Service charges disputes is the most common of the leasehold disputes.

Details of what can and cannot be charged by the landlord and the proportion of the charge to be paid by the individual leaseholder will be set out in the lease. Many of these tenant disputes and charge disputes arise from differing interpretations of the language used within the lease, or differing interpretations or implementations of lease agreements by landlords and tenants.

The landlord, or, sometimes, a management company that is party to the lease, provides the services, while the leaseholders pay for them. Due to the potential conflict this an area ripe for dispute.   The landlord will generally make no financial contribution for the services, but sometimes he has to pay for the services before he can recover their costs.

As a leaseholder service charge questions may arise during your ownership. Please speak to us before your questions or concerns develop into a service charge dispute.
Our leasehold conveyancing team should be able to offer valuable assistance to leasehold owners seeking to navigate their way and resolve service charge disputes. The team focuses on key areas where service charge disputes arise, offering practical and theoretical advice. Our leasehold conveyancing team ( and our London Conveyancing Team – for leasehold properties in London ) would be happy to assist you in answering the following service charge concerns :

  • How much service charge should you be paying?
  • Can I challenge the amount of service charge requested by the Landlord?
  • Can the Freehold owner / Landlord require on account service charges ?
  • Disputes about the landlord’s choice of insurer.
  • Dispensation of service charge consultation requirements, administration charges, the right to manage, the appointment of managers, the variation of leases and estate charges.


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