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Leasehold Conveyancing – Nottingham Landlord prosecuted by Council

Mr C is a Nottingham based landlord with a buy-to-let portfolio of properties, including student lets. Mr Carroll was not a client of the Fridaysmove Nottingham Conveyancing team.
Mr C chose to ignore quite a few of the basic legal requirements of being a landlord, such as  maintaining properties, obtaining certificates of electrical safety, keeping fire safety standards. He was also guilty of illegally evicting his tenants.

In a prosecution, apparently brought by Nottingham Council, over properties let to two students. The County Court heard that the properties were without the required licence. The Court was also told about the poor state of the properties, no certificate of inspection for the electrical fittings, loose carpets on the stairs, a damaged sash window and hole in a floorboard. There was also an alleged  mouse infestation.

The two university students were illegally evicted when the Landlord changed the locks, stating that they would not be let back in until rent due ( £1, 5000 ) from another three students, who had left the property. The Landlord continued to refuse to let them back in, even when the University contacted him.

Eventually the police were called and helped the students recover their personal items.
It was revealed that another of the landlord’s properties, also occupied by students, had no licence and a washing machine and freezer in the hallway blocking a stairwell that served as a fire escape. A smoke alarm had been disconnected and electric wiring had not been tested within the last five years.

Mr Carroll was fined £14, 700 and had £37, 500 in rent payments confiscated for the period the properties were unlicensed. He was ordered to pay costs of £10, 000. For the illegal eviction he was sentenced to four months imprisonment, suspended for a year, and probation.

If you are thinking of renting out your property in Nottingham conveyancing is not normally required for drafting tenancy agreements. You may nevertheless wish to speak to speak to our Nottingham Conveyancing team about some of the legislation you will need to follow.

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