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How can I get a refund of money paid to Wolstenholmes conveyancing solicitors ?

If you were a client of Wolstenholmes and they held money that was yours, you should apply to the Claims Management Unit of the Compensation Fund at the SRA. If payments have been made for you from these monies, known as disbursements, or if fees have been charged by the solicitor, these will be deducted from any payment made by the Compensation Fund.

For more details about the Compensation Fund, please visit page.

The function of the SRA Compensation Fund is to replace money received by the solicitors that they have failed to pay to you (or on your behalf) or where the money has been improperly taken by the solicitors. If this is what you think has happened, you should contact the Claims Management Unit.

If you are purchasing a home and contracts have been exchanged and you need the money that was held by Wolstenholmes to complete your transaction, please contact DWF immediately at:

DWF solicitors is at
Centurion House,
129 Deansgate,
M3 3AA

Tel: 0161 603 5000
Fax: 0161 603 5050

If you ask Fridaysmove to help you apply to the Claims Management Unit and you receive a payment from the Compensation Fund, the SRA may also pay our reasonable costs for dealing with us. However, the SRA cannot pay these costs if you are unsuccessful with your claim.

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