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Greening The Laughs programme created to reduce Leicester carbon footprint


Environmental Issues are a concern for all but in Leicester they have the “Greening The Laughs” programme, led by the Leicester Comedy Festival and Leicester City Council, has been nominated for an award for it.

The programme exists to lower the carbon footprint of the annual Leicester Comedy Festival.  It is very unique and helps address the environmental issues that surround the Comedy Festival, including issues of sustainability.

Did you know that conveyancing solicitors are also doing their bit to help the environment every time a home is bought and sold?

Solicitors routinely carry out environmental searches for home buyers.   Before moving to a new area, it is now standard procedure to have an Environmental Search carried out.  This search identifies any areas of concern in the area that relate to the environment.  If any issues arise, your Conveyancing Solicitor will be able to investigate these further.  If the property is being bought with a mortgage, the lender should be notified if any problem areas arise.  


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