Following the latest Government advice on home moving during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak,  find out more on how we can support your conveyancing journey.

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Frequently asked Questions about Conveyancing in Essex

Our Estate Agency and Bank has strongly recommended we use a conveyancing solicitor  in Essex should we not use them?

There are a number of banks and estate agents in Essex who like to recommend local business to home buyers or sellers in Essex  (and often get reciprocal business in return).   Indeed many of the larger estate agents in Essex have now also formed joint partnerships with property solicitors.   You should ask the following: 1)   Will you be getting impartial legal advice on your conveyancing in Essex ? 2)   Will it cost you more money for the same conveyancing in Essex to be done? At the end of the day it is your choice for conveyancing, as you are paying the bill !

When can I contact the Essex Conveyancing team ?

The offices at Fridaysmove are open Monday to Friday, 9. 00am-8. 15pm. You will have a direct contact line to the conveyancing professional responsible for your conveyancing in Essex and can call or e-mail us if you have any questions or would like an update. Equally, we would like to think that our Essex conveyancing team  are proactive with you, and will be in frequent contact to keep you fully up to speed with your conveyancing in Essex. We know that buying or selling in Essex it can be a stressful time, and being kept in the dark can make things even more fraught. We are not a conveyancing call centre so you are assured of our best personal focus at all times.

What happens after completion of my conveyancing in Essex

Once your conveyancing in Essex has been completed, we will forward any outstanding monies due to you. After completion has taken place for your purchase conveyancing in Essex our post completion department deals with the payment of your stamp duty (where applicable) and the registration of the title. This process can take several weeks to finalise. If there is a mortgage on the property then the mortgage deeds are sent to your mortgage lender where they are held until the mortgage has been paid or the property is sold. If there is no mortgage involved you will need to tell us whether you require the deeds to be sent to you. If you wish, Our conveyancing in Essex team can provide safe and secure storage of your deeds at no extra charge.

Conveyancing in Essex sounds very simple – are all transactions straight foreword ?

For our Essex conveyancing team the vast majority of the conveyancing in Essex that they transact are straightforward there is always an occasional conveyancing case in Essex that is not so simple- this could be for a variety of reasons. We are experienced conveyancing lawyers used to conveyancing in Essex and you can be sure that we will do everything we can to make the purchase as quick and painless as possible but if there are problems we will let you know about them and tell you how we will resolve them.

What happens next once I have instructed you to carry out my conveyancing in Essex ?

When we receive your instruction for your conveyancing in Essex one of the lawyers in our conveyancing in Essex team will be assigned to your case. Your personal conveyancer e-mail or phone you to introduce themselves and will start work on your conveyancing.

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