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Flood Report

Dispelling the myth around flood risk

There are a number of misconceptions about the risk of flooding in the UK.  Given the increasing occurrence of flooding across the country, we address some of these misconceptions below:

“The property is on a hill”

  • Access to and from the property could still be an issue.
  • Surface water run-off (caused by rain) may affect the property as it travels downhill.

“The property is a flat”

  • Access to and from the property could still be an issue.
  • Damage to building and grounds may still result in significant repair bills being applied to all building occupants through increased management fees.
  • The above could affect property value leading to lenders querying whether flooding was highlighted during due diligence.

“We’re not near a river or the sea”

  • A property does not need to be near water to be at risk. Two-thirds of the damage in the 2007 floods was actually caused by surface water.
  • Surface water flooding is increasing partly as a result of paving over green spaces, as well from intense rainfall caused by climate change.
  • 1. 9 million properties are at risk from surface water flooding; 50, 000 of these are at a 1 in 30 annual chance or greater. 1
  • And the worst thing is, you don’t know you’re at risk until you have either been flooded or you have conducted a flood report.

“An Environmental Report contains flood information”

  • Most standard environmental reports simply contain a high level overview of flood risk. A specific flood report provides comprehensive information and maps the different levels of risk so that your client can make a fully informed decision.
  • A full flood report, such as the Homecheck Professional Flood Report, includes insurance data not present in standard environmental reports.
  • A flood report includes groundwater flood risk not present in most environmental reports.
  • Different clients have different levels of risk that they are prepared to accept so you need not assume on their behalf.

“I know my area”

  • You cannot rely on local knowledge. Do you and/or your client understand flood risk in all its forms and locations?
  • Just because it has not flooded in the past doesn’t mean that risk is not there.
  • Making a decision on behalf of a client could leave you open to risk from both home buyer and lender, resulting in a potential impact on PII and reputation. If your client opts out of ordering the report then you will not have the information to pass onto the lender.

“It’s never flooded before”

  • That doesn’t mean that it can’t or that it won’t. In fact areas where people aren’t aware of a flooding history are potentially higher risk as both solicitors and clients may make assumptions.
  • Changes in the built environment may introduce flood risk where none was previously present.
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