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What you need to know about getting an EPC in London

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The EPC or Energy Performance Certificate

The EPC is a necessary part of selling a home, and was introduced following a EU directive regarding the energy performance of buildings. It is also a standard part of a HIP (Home Information Pack). It is an assessment of your home undertaken by qualified energy assessors which essentially assesses how efficient your home is at retaining heat and therefore predicts roughly how high or low your fuel bill will be. For example an home in energy category B will have a much lower heating bill than one in category G assuming similar heating needs.

The certificate contains the following information 

  • Property address
  • Property type (for example detached house)
  • Date of inspection
  • Certificate Date and serial number
  • Total floor area

EPC providers In London

There are a few EPC providers in London and prices on an EPC can vary, however at Fridaysmove we aim to offer the cheapest EPC in London and indeed can be completely free.  It is required by law that a qualified energy assessor undertakes the EPC, so quality is always assured.  

EPC and listed buildings

If you have a listed building, your energy score is likely to be low as improvements such as double glazing and other insulation improvements may be barred. The EPC does not take into account the thickness of the walls of the property, so this is something you should bear in mind when buying or selling a house. As a property with a low score on the EPC may actually be quite efficient at retaining heat if it has thick walls.  

EPC and Conveyancing in London

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