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DIY Conveyancing – London Conveyancing searches

If you are intent on conducting DIY Conveyancing, it is possible to find out if a property might be affected by existing or proposed Tube, transit, tram or rail schemes.

To assist in Conveyancing, London Transport  carry out conveyancing and railway searches for properties that may be affected by London Transport’s plans, as well as advising if a property may be affected by compulsory purchase powers.
To request a search please write to:

Railway Searches
Operational Property Division
TFL Group Property & Facilities
Victoria Station House 4th Floor
191 Victoria Street
London SW1E 5NE
Tel: 020 7027 8704
Fax: 020 7976 6563

London Transport will require the following information

  • The full property address including postcode
  • A copy of the Land Registry Title plan or an Ordnance Survey Plan extract (at 1:1250 scale) identifying the property 
  • A cheque for the fee, as appropriate, made payable to ‘Transport for London’


Fees and payment

The current ( 2009 ) Payment is required in advance for conveyancing searches. The fees are:

  • £141. 00 including VAT at 17. 5 per cent for a single residential property
  • £211. 50 including VAT at 17. 5 per cent for commercial properties, development sites or multiple residential properties

There is no charge for providing information about proposed Tube, tram or rail schemes, or properties that are affected by Transport for London’s compulsory purchase orders.


What this Transport for London Conveyancing Search will provide

  • The conveyancing search will  provide information about existing and proposed Tube services and proposed transit, tram and railway schemes. We also provide a relevant Ordnance Survey 1:1250 scale location plan as appropriate
  • The conveyancing search  may also provide information on legal matters such as property rights, wayleaves, grants, consents, leases, licences or other arrangements which affect the property that benefit Transport for London 
  • Information about tunnel depths and provide a location plan as appropriate 
  • Where a London property is impacted by Crossrail proposals, Transport For London will also forward your enquiry to the Crossrail safeguarding teams


London Conveyancing Highway searches

Highway search requests should be sent to:

Transport for London Surface
Development Planning Team
Palestra (zone 11Y4)
197 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8NJ
Tel: 020 3054 1766 or
020 3054 1738 or
020 3054 0732
Fax: 020 3054 2002
Email: [email protected]

London Conveyancing Docklands Light Railway searches

Docklands Light Railway search requests should be sent to:
Serco Docklands Ltd
Castor Lane
London E14 0DS
Tel: 020 7363 9700

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