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Legal tips for home movers in South East London

If you are interested in selling or buying a property in South East London, it is first essential that you become familiar with the area.  Also, make sure you choose a Conveyancer who knows about Conveyancing in South East London.

Councils in South East London

South East of London is made up of a few different boroughs, so therefore each borough has it’s own council.  Councils in South East London are Southwark Council, Greenwich Council and Lewisham Council.  Each of these councils has a website, and they all provide a vast amount of information regarding issues and subject matters in the area.  For example, information on: community and living, environment, health and social, housing and much more.  The expert who is carrying out your Conveyancing would be wise in getting a Local Authority Search, which would asses the local area before you move there.

Environmental issues in South East London

There are a lot of environmental issues in South East London.  Lewisham, for example, is currently undergoing it’s biggest transformation since Victorian times.  The transformation includes a £2m council funded improvement on Ladywell Fields and along the Waterlink Way.  This improvement will increase use of the area, provide additional flood water storage and also make it a lot safer for people to enjoy.  

Your Conveyancing Solicitor should arrange for an Environmental Search to be carried out in the area you are looking to move to and this will flag up any environmental issues that may affect your property.  Your Conveyancer should explore these matters – and if necessary, the lender should be notified (if the property is being bought with mortgage finance).  

Listed Buildings in South East London

There are a huge number of listed buildings in South East London, as it is an area rich with historical importance and interest.  In Lewisham alone, there are 540 listed buildings.   Southwark Bridge, opened in 1921, is a Grade 2 listed building – as is Forest Hill library which was built in 1901 by Alexander Hennell.   The grading of the listed building dictates if and how much development can be done to the property.  Any alterations that you are looking to make to a listed building, should have first gained permission from the local authority.  A Local Authority Search can tell you if a building is listed and your Conveyancing Solicitor can assist you with this.

Unregistered Properties in South East London

In South East London, there are many properties that are unregistered.  The Conveyancer that carries out your Conveyancing should be aware of how to deal with properties that relate to unregistered title.  The seller must prove that he owns the property by supplying the buyer with an “epitome of sale”.  This is a series of documents that show who has owned the property throughout the last 15 years and your Conveyancing Solicitor should make sure these documents are of adequate quality.

New Build Properties in South East London

There are a great deal of new build properties cropping up all over the South East of London.  Lewisham, Peckham, Greenwich and other South East areas all contain flats and houses that are new build.  Procedures can be slightly different with these types of properties, so you should ensure that your Conveyancer knows how to deal with them.  By the  time the contracts have been exchanged, it is sometimes the case that the completion date has not been agreed upon.  Your Conveyancing Solicitor should look into any cash incentives that your developer offers you.  Although there may be other Conveyancers and Solicitors in South East London that may be able to give you a quote for Conveyancing, it might not be able to beat our quotes here at Fridays.  

Why choose Fridaysmove in South East London?

In the UK, Fridaysmove are a favourite.  This is down to many reasons, including the fact that we provide a great service, carried out by fully qualified lawyers at a reasonable price.  All of our lawyers are regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers and you will only have to deal with one lawyer throughout.  

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