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Portsmouth Property Lawyer offers advice to home movers

If you’re looking to buy or sell a property in Portsmouth, it is a good idea to become familiar with the area.  It’s also wise to instruct a Conveyancer who knows about Conveyancing in Portsmouth.

Conveyancing Quotes in Portsmouth

Fridaysmove can give you a Free Online Conveyancing Quote via our website, if you’re thinking about having Conveyancing carried out, in Portsmouth.  There may be other Conveyancers and Solicitors in Portsmouth who can give you a quote, but it may not beat our quote.   

Council in Portsmouth

In Portsmouth – Portsmouth City Council is the local council in the area.  The website for the council provides a good amount of information on issues and subjects that are relevant to the city.  For example, information on: Business, jobs, recycling, benefits, planning and much more.  

The Conveyancing Solicitor who you instruct, will be responsible for gaining a Local Authority Search.  This will help you asses the area, before you move there.  You can contact Portsmouth City Council if you have any further enquiries.

Chancel Repairs in Portsmouth

There are over 100 Christian Churches in the Portsmouth and surrounding areas, this includes the Royal Garrison Church, Saint Johns Catholic Cathedral, St Jude’s Church and St Mary’s Church.  If you are looking to move near to a church, it is important to ensure that your HIP includes a Chancel Repair Search.  This search will identify any chancel repairs  that you may be liable to pay towards, in association with the church.  This should be a serious consideration if you are looking to move near to a church, as it can be very costly.

Shared ownership in Portsmouth

In Portsmouth, there are many properties that are shared ownership.  This shared ownership, enables a person to own a share in a property, if they are not able to financially purchase the whole house/flat.  The greater share that you own in the property, the less rent you have to pay.  It is typically a housing association that will own the other share in the property.

Listed buildings in Portsmouth

At the current time, Portsmouth has over 600 buildings that are listed.  A building cannot be listed if it less than ten years old, and each listed buildings varies in grade, depending on it’s importance.  Examples of listed buildings in Portsmouth are HM Naval Base, Quebec House, Mitre Court House, Camber House, Spice Island Inn and a great deal more.  Before you make any alterations to a listed building, you must first get consent from the local authority.  A Local Authority Search can tell you whether a building is listed or not, and your Conveyancing Solicitor will be able to assist you with this.

Why choose Fridaysmove in Portsmouth?

In the UK, Fridaysmove is a favourite due to many different reasons.  We offer great services at a reasonable cost, and all Solicitors in the Fridaysmove panel are at least 5 years qualified.



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