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Conveyancing Advice when Buying or Selling Property in Manchester

If you are buying or selling a property in Manchester, it is important to instruct an experienced Conveyancing Solicitor who is familiar with the local area.  

New Build Properties in Manchester

There are many new build properties in Manchester, both flats and houses.  Before you instruct a Solicitor, you should ensure they know about Conveyancing new build properties, as there are many issues that are specific to new build homes.  It is not unusual for properties to be incomplete when the contracts are exchanged, which could leave you not knowing the date of completion.

Environmental Issues in Manchester

Manchester City Council provides information on many different issues in the area, including environmental and planning issues. An environmental search should be carried out on any area that you are planning to buy a property in. This search will identify issues such as areas that are at risk of flooding and landfill sites. The council is promoting a new ‘green strategy’  in an attempt to cut carbon emissions in half by 2020. To achieve this goal, environmental experts and activists which be educating residents in an attempt to increase knowledge and awareness in regards to the environment.

Listed Buildings in Manchester

The Planning Act 1990 states that consent must be given for any external or internal work to take place on a listed building.   Your Conveyancing Solicitor will carry out a local area search which will reveal this information. In Manchester, there are many listed buildings such as the Manchester Town Hall (Grade I listed building) which was completed by Alfred Waterhouse in 1877 and Manchester Cathedral, which is medieval Church on Victoria Street.

Right To Buy Properties in Manchester

In the Manchester area, there are many council properties which, under the right to buy scheme, a tenant may have the right to purchase. The home is sold on the current market value, less any discount that may be given.  

A proportion of the discount, in some cases, has to be paid back to the landlord, if the property is sold within 5 years of buying it.

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