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Conveyancer discusses issues in Greenwich

It is a wise idea to become familiar with the area in which you are looking to buy a property.  In the Greenwich area, it is a good idea to instruct a Conveyancer who knows about Conveyancing in Greenwich.

Unregistered Properties in Greenwich

In Greenwich, there are many unregistered properties.  If you were looking at buying a property that was unregistered, the seller would have to prove his ownership by supplying you with an “Epitome Of Title”.  This is a document reaching back 15 years, which lists an unbroken chain of ownership.  Your Conveyancer should be aware of how to deal with unregistered properties.

New Build Properties in Greenwich

Greenwich Council has just approved planning for ten new homes in the area.  This is part of the governments £500m Local Authority House Building Programme, which is the first time in two decades that they have allowed new council homes to be built.  They are currently planning to build these homes on Hambledown Road and on Shooters Hill.  These homes will be built to accommodate large families and they also will be designed to the highest environmental standard possible.  The Conveyancer you choose should be experienced in new build homes and know how to handle these kinds of properties.

Properties built near open land

There are several vast, open spaces in Greenwich.  If you’re considering purchasing a property in the area, it’d be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the surrounding areas.  Greenwich Royal Park will be hosting the equestrian events at the London 2012 Olympic Games.  There will be a temporary and removable 23, 000 seat arena in the park for the duration of these events.  The equestrian events are set to take place in July and August 2012.  Make sure your Conveyancer inspects surrounding areas of your potential property, in case of any public footpaths and lanes.  The deeds to the property should reveal these areas.  

“Right To Buy” Properties in Greenwich

There are many council properties in Greenwich that a tenant may be able to purchase under the ‘Right To Buy’ scheme (subject to conditions).  It was in 1980 that the Right to Buy scheme was first introduced.  The property is sold based on the market value, but also discounts any amount of money that the tenant is entitled to.  

Why choose Fridaysmove in Greenwich?

Fridaysmove offer a great service, and a reasonable price, this makes us a favourite in the UK.  You will only deal with one lawyer throughout the process, and we make sure all of our panel lawyers are regulated by the SRA.

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