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Conveyancer discusses Cornwall

If you’re looking to buy or sell a property in Cornwall, it is a very good idea to become familiar with the area.  Choosing a Conveyancer who knows about Conveyancing in Cornwall is also wise.

Council in Cornwall

Cornwall Council is the local council for Cornwall, in South West England.  The Cornwall Council website gives a good amount of information on local issues and areas of interest, such as: Business, community and living, education and learning, housing and many more areas.  Before moving to an area, it’d be a good idea to instruct your the expert carrying out your Conveyancing, to gain a Local Authority Search – to asses the area.  

Listed Buildings in Cornwall

Cornwall is fortunate enough to have many historically and architecturally important buildings.  There are 12, 490 listed buildings in Cornwall, each one of these adding to it’s Cornish character and cultural heritage.  There are many Grade 1 listed buildings, including Launceston Castle which dates back to 1067, and Prideaux Place which was completed in 1592.  Grade 2 listed buildings are also in existence in this area, such as the Headland Hotel and Paul Parish Church.  A Local Authority Search will be able to determine if a building is listed or not, your Conveyancer will be able to assist you on this matter.  Checks should always be made before attempting to alter a building which is listed.

Chancel Repairs in Cornwall

In Cornwall, there are several Churches – many of them being listed buildings, both Grade 1 and Grade 2.  If you are looking to purchase a property that is near to a church, it is important that your HIP contains a Chancel Repair Search.  This search is to see if the owner is liable to pay towards Chancel Repairs, in association with the church.  Repairs can be very expensive, so it is wise that you make these checks before seriously considering a move near to a church.

Shared Ownership in Cornwall

There are several shared ownership properties available in Cornwall.  It allows people who would not otherwise have been able to purchase the whole property, to purchase a share in a home.  You pay less rent with the greater share that you own.  Typically, it would be a housing association that owns the other share in the property.  

Conservation Areas in Cornwall

The government are causing local fisherman in Cornwall problems due to their plans that they want in place by 2012.  New areas of Conservation that the government want to be put into place include two areas that Newlyn boats use often, which will leave fisherman without work in those spots.  As Cornwall is an old and very beautiful area of England, there of course are many Conservation areas.  It’s very important that you make certain checks before altering any building that might be located in an area of conservation.  Your Conveyancer will be able to help you with this matter.

Why choose Fridaysmove in Cornwall?

Fridaysmove are a favourite in the UK, this is down to many reasons.  All of our lawyers, and you will only be dealing with one throughout the process, are fully qualified and regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.  Our HIP’s in Cornwall, and all over England – are the cheapest in the country and we offer a free HIP with every Conveyancing.  We also offer Home Information Packs, and have several offices around the country.  The nearest office to this area is Fridaysmove Exeter Office.  

Call us today on 033 0660 0286, or receive a Free Online Conveyancing Quote instantly via our website.  



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