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Brighton conservation areas and home buyers

In Brighton & Hove there are currently 34 conservation areas. Each conservation area will have a character statement that sets out clearly what is special about it.   These areas include : The Avenues, Benfield Barn, Brunswick Town, Carlton Hill, Cliftonville, Denmark Villas, East Cliff and Montpelier & Clifton Hill.

Some streets may be divided between two or more conservation areas. Your Conveyancing Solicitor in Brighton will be able to determine whether the property you are buying is in a conservation area and advise you of the implications.

Where a boundary is complex, your conveyancing solicitor may need to refer to an Ordnance Survey map on which the conservation area boundaries have been drawn.

Brighton Council have issued various statements which set out the historic development of each conservation area, and define elements of their character or appearance that make them special today. As well as highlighting the features that make a positive contribution to the conservation areas, the statements indicate where harm has occurred in the past.

Most importantly they provide a context for the planning policies contained in the Brighton & Hove Local Plan, and will help secure developments that pay special regard to the desirability of preserving or enhancing the character or appearance of these areas. In other words they may be able to give you an insight to what  can or can not be done at the property you are seeking to purchase.   An example statement is the Brunswick Town Conservation Area Character Statement.

It is important to remember that the Fridaysmove Brighton Conveyancing Team or any solicitor specialising in conveyancing in Brighton will not necessarily be able to advise you on what can or can not be done at the property. You are best speaking to the Planning Depatment directly or a local architect. It is unwise to simply assume that you can do what you want in terns of building works to the property.

Do you intend to purchase a property where you need  to fell or carry out work on a tree within a Brighton Conservation Area?       

Does the tree have a stem diameter which exceeds 75mm when measured at 1. 5m above ground level?

If so, then you must give Brighton  council six weeks’ prior notice (in writing) of your intention to carry out this work.   This is a legal requirement.   The purpose of this is to give us an opportunity to consider whether a Tree Preservation Order should be made in respect of the tree.   You can notify us either by letter or by using the application form on the Planning Portal website.  

If you are planning to carry out such works it makes sense to speak to the  solicitor conducting your conveyancing in Brighton to make sure that the seller has not been refused such applications.

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