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Conservatives confirm HIPs to be Abolished

The Conservatives announced in their 2010 Election manifesto on 13th April 2010 that they would indeed plan on abolishing the Home Information Pack if they get into power.  They would also make the lower limit on Stamp Duty £250, 000.

To quote the manifesto;

Help the housing market to thrive

  • Help first-time buyers get on the housing ladder, by increasing the stamp duty threshold to £250, 000, so that nine out of ten first-time buyers will pay no stamp duty. This is a permanent tax cut, unlike Labour’s plans which are just for two years; and
  • Abolish Labour’s expensive and unnecessary Home Information Packs which increase the cost and hassle of selling homes. “

Uncertainties in the Conservative Manifesto relating to Housing

There is no commitment to Abolishing HIPs within 100 days – a promise that Grant Shapps has mentioned in the past.  And no statement in either the Housing section of the manifesto, or the Environment section regarding the status of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – widely acknowledged as unlikely to be abolished due to EU directives.  
Regarding Stamp Duty, it isn’t clear if the different levels for Underprivileged Areas would remain.  These give significant exemptions for properties in less wealthy areas.


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