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Buying or Selling in London – Do I need a Property Solicitor in London?

In the event you require Conveyancing in London unless you wish to conduct the Conveyancing yourself you will require a licensed Conveyancer or a Property Solicitor.   London has its own peculiarities in terms of Conveyancing issues.   Please see our article Conveyancing in London – what make Conveyancing London properties different.

If you are purchasing or selling and require Conveyancing in London then it is not absolutely necessary to instruct a Property Solicitor in London although, as can be seen from the article from the link above, there are good reasons to do so.

Property Solicitors are regulated by the Law Society as opposed to the Council of Licensed Conveyancers who regulate licensed Conveyancers in London as well as the rest of England and Wales.   The Law Society website has a directory of the Property Solicitors in London which could be a useful tool to locate the most local Property Solicitor to you.  

Should you require a Property Solicitor in London to carry out your Conveyancing as opposed to a licensed Conveyancer we would be happy to assist in recommending a number of London Property Solicitors who are more than capable of carrying out expert Conveyancing in London whether that be Central London, East London or West London or North London.

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