Following the latest Government advice on home moving during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak,  find out more on how we can support your conveyancing journey.

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Advice on speeding up the buying process in Oxford

You can increase the pace of a house purchase if you contact a Conveyancing Solicitor as soon as you start looking. This is so that your lawyer can carry out procedures such as ID checks at the earliest stage. Property Lawyers in Oxford often receive sale details from sellers’ agents indicating that they will be acting for the buyer, when the buyer has not contacted them beforehand or even asked for a quote. This often leads to time being wasted while the Solicitor tries to contact the client to obtain their instructions.  

People may assume that the firm which acted for them on a previous transaction will still be prepared to act, but that might not necessarily be the case; for instance they might already be instructed by the seller, which could lead to a conflict of interest if the same solicitor acted for both sides.

Once you have instructed a Property Solicitor to act for you on your home purchase in Oxford, they will usually receive a sales memorandum from the vendors’ agents. This will set out details of the property, the price, the parties and their solicitors. The agents may also send a copy of their sales brochure. Your Conveyancer will also require the draft contract and other documentation from the sellers’ solicitors.

Some Conveyancing Solicitors will also not take any further action until the buyers’ mortgage offer has been issued so it is important to start the mortgage application process as early as possible. This is to avoid a situation where a substantial amount of work is carried out, but the transaction is subsequently aborted because the mortgage survey is unsatisfactory and/or the buyer cannot obtain a mortgage.

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