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Are all Conveyancing Solicitors the Same?


It is the case with other professionals, there are good, brilliant, poor and average.   Not only does the quality of your conveyancing depend on the firm but also the individual handling your case.   It is for this reason that Fridaysmove employ lawyers with significant experience and who have passed rigorous examinations before they come to work at Fridays.   We also have a graduate training programme whereby we train conveyancing lawyers to our own high standards in communication and expertise.   It would be unwise to purely use a conveyancing firm based on how cheap they are.

Over the last 15 years conveyancing has very much been commoditised and the danger is that as larger factory law firms have sought  to break up the conveyancing process to the unqualified or inexperienced  staff, even outsourcing certain parts of the conveyancing process to India, South Africa, etc. .   Such conveyancing firms often describe in their marketing literature to having a team of people looking after your file. In other words they spin a poor situation to look as though it is in your favour.

The risk with commoditisation is that you do not receive a continuity of communication from one property lawyer from beginning to end and furthermore, some cynics argue that the quality of the legal work is poor.

Unfortunately, most members of the public assume because they are instructing a law firm that a qualified experienced property lawyer is going to be reviewing the paperwork for their   purchase/sale. You need to be careful that  you do not fall into the hands of an unqualified or inexperienced conveyancing property lawyer .  

Validation as to the right choice of conveyancing lawyer on your purchase is only going to really take place once you come to sell.   In other words, the quality of the investigations on your purchase conveyancing will only be seen if your sale proceeds smoothly some years later.  

Fridaysmove are often  instructed to deal with the conveyancing for the sale of the property where another conveyancing  firm acted property some years earlier.   Unfortunately the defects that are missed can dramatically impact the speed of conveyancing on the sale and in some cases can even result in transactions aborting.   In other words, what can sometimes appear cheap conveyancing can often appear expensive in the long run.

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