Will Conveyancing in Birmingham on reclaimed land be an issue?

Environmental surveys are one of the searches and enquiries which Conveyancing Solicitors commonly commission when carrying out Conveyancing in Birmingham for homebuyers.

When acting for Mr and Mrs G on the purchase of a mid-terrace dwelling on Eastwood Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham B20, Property Lawyer Sukhi Hayre, she requested such a survey from a firm which specialises in this type of work.

This property was located on a quiet residential road situated between Edgbaston Cricket Ground and Calthorpe Park, and it was noted from the plan forming part of the land registry title that there was a watercourse running at the rear of the garden. Sales details were received from Dixon, the sellers’ agents, of 95 Alcester Road, Moseley, West Midlands, B13 8DD and the draft contract and other sale documents were forwarded by  Countrywide Property Lawyers.

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The report from the surveyors showed that there were no potentially contaminating industrial sites recorded within a 250m radius of the house. There was no other evidence of anything which might adversely affect the building, except the following entry:

“Unknown Filled Ground (Pond, marsh, river, stream, dock etc), Date of Mapping: 1890 Bearing SW 48m.


The Map indicates the location of areas of potentially infilled land that may not be identifiable on current maps or visible on site. Any features identified have been obtained from the examination of Ordnance Survey maps dating back into the 19th Century. If an area of land has been filled it may contain inert or potentially contaminative materials. The presence of an area of potentially infilled land does not necessarily mean there is any cause for concern. If the property is on or adjacent to an area of potentially infilled land you may wish to discuss with your surveyor or other professional advisor”

From the plan supplied it appeared that the watercourse behind the garden might have originally taken a more winding course, and had perhaps been straightened out when the area was developed. This could have been in connection with the construction of the cricket ground which took place in the late nineteenth century. As the house, which also apparently dated from about the same time, did not stand directly on the relevant area, and a building survey did not reveal any structural problems, it did not seem that this was something that was of any concern.

Enquiries also confirmed that there had not been any known flooding, and so the clients were happy to proceed with their purchase in the knowledge that, apart from the remote chance of an extremely well-hit six, they were unlikely to have any environmental problems.

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